Carol Tice - Setting Up Your Blog

Guest: NAIWE’s Tax Expert Carol Tice

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this class:

· The building blocks of a blog

· How to set up your blog

· How to attract an audience (and paying clients)

· How to manage a blog-writing business

Carol Tice is a longtime freelance writer who focuses on writing and ghostwriting business books and e-books. She’s written for Delta Sky, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Seattle Magazine, Costco, American Express, Shopify, Freshbooks, and many others. Carol founded the award-winning Make a Living Writing blog in 2008, which has been repeatedly named to Writer’s Digest’s Top 101 Blogs for Writers list and offers over 1,000 free posts on how to break in and grow your writing income. Founded in 2011, her Freelance Writers Den learning and support community has over 1,000 members. Carol has taught over 20 online courses and self-published 10+ e-book titles for freelance writers. She’s also the author/co-author of two traditionally published business books for entrepreneurs.

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