Brian Schwartz - Pixels to Profit: Cashing in on the E-book Explosion

Guest: NAIWE’s Kindle Expert Brian Schwartz

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this class:

  • Ways to perform market research
  • How to create compelling content to publish
  • How to optimize and increase visibility
  • How to obtain wider distribution and syndication
  • How to build a marketing machine
  • How to leverage social media

Authorpreneur Brian Schwartz is the creator of the award-winning 50 Interviews series. More than 500 authors have trusted Brian and his team to publish their work. The mission of Brian’s practice is “to bridge the gap between self-publishers and traditional publishing by applying the proven strategies and techniques of successful independent publishers.” To meet this objective, Brian launched AuthorDock in 2016 to provide authors an all-in-one secure portfolio management tool to manage deadlines, extended teams, and critical resources. Brian is also the developer of PubWriter, a click-to-publish publishing platform used by authors to create their own web hubs for publishing, promotion, and sales.

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