Meggin McIntosh - How to Complete Your Projects, Especially the Ones that Have Been Bugging You

Guest: NAIWE’s Productivity Expert Meggin McIntosh

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this class:

  • The #1 reason too many of your projects remain uncompleted
  • The belief that is preventing you from ever getting some of your projects into the pipeline–so of course they never get completed
  • 5 tools you must have to get your projects completed
  • The best secret for giving yourself peace of mind–even if it gives you a jolt of overwhelm first
  • How to get started so you have meaningful projects completed in a reasonable timeframe
  • 5 questions to ask and answer to know whether you are actually going to make any progress on your projects—or if you are woefully resigned to continue to live a life of frustration, unfulfilled possibilities, and lost opportunities

Duration: 57 minutes

As “The Ph.D. of Productivity, ”™ Meggin McIntosh is a coach, author, and workshop leader in the area of productivity. She supports bright people who want to live with consciousness, clarity, and conviction, thereby keeping their emphasis on excellence. Meggin was formerly a university professor and a classroom teacher.

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