Kristen Fischer - ​Going Deeper: How to Ask Better Questions

Guest: NAIWE’s Journalism Expert Kristen Fischer

Journalists have to guide an interview, and how they do it can make or break a story. In this webinar, we’ll explore different tactics for asking questions that receive more detailed responses and produce better sound bites. Come prepared with one example of a great question you’ve asked in the past, and one that you thought was great yet fell flat.

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this class:

  • What’s a better question
  • What a better question can give you
  • What better questions require
  • How to go beyond the 5Ws and H
  • Questions to ask when crafting questions

Duration: 53 minutes

Kristen Fischer is a copywriter and journalist living at the Jersey Shore. She worked as a reporter and copyeditor for Gannett before launching her full-time freelance business in 2005. Her work has been published in Parents, New Jersey Monthly, Prevention, Woman’s Day, SheKnows, and Healthline.

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