John McIntyre - Metaphor and Its Hazards

Guest: NAIWE’s Grammar Expert John McIntyre

Everyone appreciates an apt simile or striking metaphor. Figurative language enlivens prose and aids the reader’s understanding. But it is easy to get entangled in mixed metaphors, comparisons that fizzle, or images that convey the opposite of what the writer intends. And writers are not always the best judges of their effects. John McIntyre, who has been a working newspaper editor for four decades, will take you on a tour of regrettable metaphors and explain how they fail to achieve their purpose. Some laughter may be involved.

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this class:

  • Even literal language can be misread
  • How old you mentally need to be to catch metaphorical errors
  • How to effectively use metaphors

Duration: 1 hour, 26 minutes

John Early McIntyre has been a professional editor for more than 40 years, more than 33 of them at The Baltimore Sun, where he has headed the copy desk. John earned an undergraduate degree in English from Michigan State University, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and a master’s degree in English from Syracuse University, where he was a university fellow. John taught editing at Loyola University Maryland for 25 years. A charter member of the ACES: The Society for Editing, he served two terms as its president. John has presented workshops on writing and editing at conferences and publications in the United States and Canada.

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