Peter Bowerman - Staying Well-Fed in a Changing Writing World

Guest: NAIWE’s Well-Fed Expert Peter Bowerman

Staying Well-Fed in a Changing Writing World: Short- and Long-Term Strategies for Boosting Your Writing Income

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this class:

  • Strategies for standing out in crowded writing marketplace
  • How to “un-commoditize” your writing and raise your market value
  • How to diversity into the lucrative field of “commercial” freelance writing
  • How to turn your expertise into multiple money-making products and services
  • Why self-publishing could be your best publishing option

· How self-publishing a book can boost your industry reputation, your short-term profitability, and your long-term financial security

Peter Bowerman, veteran commercial writer, speaker, and business coach, is the self-published author of the multiple-award-winning Well-Fed Writer (a Book-of-the-Month Club selection) and Well-Fed Self-Publisher titles. With over 70,000 copies in print, his books have earned him a full-time living since 2001. He has well over 30 years combined experience in sales, marketing, copywriting, publishing, and book-titling.

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