Frank Piazza and Ellie Devers - How to Create an Audiobook or Trailer

Guests: NAIWE’s Voiceover Experts Frank Piazza and Ellie Devers

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this class:

· How to interpret your own work and effectively communicate it with your own voice

· How to pace yourself while reading large volumes of material

· Tips for recording in the studio

· How to find and select the right voiceover talent for your book

· What to expect when working with a commercial studio: hiring talent, including an engineer, an editor, and a producer, and selecting a studio

· How to prepare for home studio recording: equipment, recording technique, and self-producing talent

· Ways to promote your book with audio: trailers, Youtube, and personal websites

Frank Piazza is the president of APVoices in New York City. He is also an audio engineer, music composer, and producer. His work can be heard on radio, television, film, and the internet. As a commercial producer, he has directed numerous television, radio, and corporate productions. His clients include HBO, Comedy Central, Glaxo, Grey Group, and Scholastic Publishers.

Ellie Devers is a professional voiceover actress in New York City and is represented by Innovative Artists. Her voice can be heard on national voiceovers for Maybelline, McDonald’s, Canon, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Tide, Progresso, Tampax, Canadian Club, and Jameson’s Whiskey. Ellie has been a spokesperson for the Wisdom Channel and fX (On Air Promos) and a narrator for Travel Documentary. As a voiceover coach, Ellie has guided her students to successful careers by helping them with their voiceover technique, script interpretation, and relaxation methods.

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