Dick Margulis - Getting the Hang of Laying Out a Book in InDesign

Independent authors often expect freelance communications professionals to design and lay out their books. Get the basics of using InDesign to provide effective, attractive, readable typography, and layout. If time allows, learn how to respond as more and more clients expect editors or proofreaders to work on projects created in InDesign.

Note: This conference session recording has not yet been edited.

Dick Margulis is chief cook and bottle washer at Dick Margulis Creative Services, where his focus is on thoughtful editing, appropriate design, expert production and comprehensive project management, for publishers of all sizes. He began correcting his elders as a small child and has been editing one thing or another for over half a century. As his handwriting is execrable, he learned to set type at an early age and has been studying and practicing typography ever since. For the last 17 years, he has been working with individuals and companies to help them publish the high-quality books they are looking for.

Margulis is a popular go-to resource for colleagues and independent authors interested in book publishing and memoirs. He is the co-author with Karin Cather of the invaluable book The Paper It’s Written On: Defining Your Relationship with an Editing Client, which he and Cather developed after presenting a session about contracts at a past Communication Central conference.

Margulis has more than four decades of experience in helping companies and authors communicate effectively, internally and externally. He has made significant contributions to client projects such as corporate identity, including logo design; user manuals and technical documentation; web and intranet sites; books and magazines; and much more. He is known for his deep understanding of and skill in typography and book production.

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