Dana Sitar - How to Adjust Headlines for Context

Guest: NAIWE’s Headline Expert Dana Sitar

A single headline is not sufficient for most content in digital publishing. Readers access your content in a variety of contexts, and the headline that’s effective in one context is often less effective in another. This training shows you how to craft headlines that catch readers’ attention across platforms, including websites, social media, email, and search.

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this class:

  • Why platforms matter
  • How to shape headlines for various platforms
  • Tools to assist in posting to various platforms

Duration: 45 minutes

Dana Sitar has been writing and editing for digital media since 2011, most recently as a copy editor for fintech and personal finance. She trains journalists, writers, and editors on writing for the web through sessions at the annual ACES editors’ conference and Utah Valley University and through online courses and private trainings. Dana has written about working and writing in digital media for publications to include the New York Times, HuffPost, a column for Inc. Magazine, and dozens of writing and content marketing blogs. As a branded content editor for The Penny Hoarder, Dana managed a team of writers, editors, and social media experts that created multimedia branded content to help advertisers reach an audience of 12 million across platforms including social media, email, blog, and video.

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