Bennie Currie - Looking to the Future: Financial and Retirement Planning

For colleagues already established or approaching retirement age, it’s vital to have a strong financial plan and retirement options in mind before we need them. Find out how to build a more-secure future for yourself and your freelance business in this practical session.

Note: This conference session recording has not yet been edited.

Bennie M. Currie is a former journalist and former private and public-sector PR professional who used to put words in the mouth of former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley. He was in corporate communications with FedEx for many years and is now a principal in MBC Financial Strategies and a Registered Representative with NYLIFE Securities, a member of FINRA/SIPC, a licensed insurance agency, through which he helps business owners, professionals and families grow and protect what matters most to them financially. He uses a unique, non-fee-based, educational approach to tax-efficient planning called the Macro Asset Perspective. He can provide proven, dependable ways to help protect a freelancer’s lifestyle and future and prepare for major financial events such as paying for college, saving for retirement, or caring for an aging relative.

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